I find it extremely frustrating when I am trying to take time for me, and he doesn’t take care of himself. Recently, he got his daith pierced in hopes that it would help relieve his migrains. Doing so I believe has actually had a dramatic improvement on his health. He actually has had far less migrains then he was orginally experiencing…but he doesn’t take care of it at all. I’m constantly reminding him to clean it and soak it.

I literally just had to wake him up take his ecig from his mouth make him let me clean his ear, put on his cpap mask, and put him back into the bed…

This isnt the only time by far… most of the stories are similar like when he got his most recent tattoo I had to constantly remind him to clean it and put lotion on it.

Reminding him to take his medicine is a daily occurrence as well. 

Sometimes he can’t remember if he has taken his medicine or not. I got him a box, but he just stopped using it… He likes certain routines and doesn’t like them messed with.

I have to constantly question if this is part of the PTSD or is he just being lazy? The sad part is I feel so lost and alone, because I can’t answer those questions.

We have been members of the Wounded Warriors Project now for a year, and I have gone to two different caregiver functions which are meant to get you away from your veteran and for you to socialize. The problem though is that most of the caregivers attend are woman, and typically aren’t interested in getting to know me due to my appearance.

I’d really love to go on a caregiver retreat, but it would have to be at the same time he goes on a veteran retreat. I couldn’t just leave him home for a week without me.