It’s been at least since the 21st of December since I was last in contact with my PCM or her nurse. I had scheduled the appointment probably a month before that.  I was told that I didn’t need to come in for the appointment that I had scheduled for that day to sort out starting HRT. They cited that due to the policy I needed my psychologist to write me a letter and send it to them. This is not part of the new policy that began in October, but alright if that’s all I can handle that.

Later, that same day I had an appointment with my psychologist, so he sent them the letter Thursday and talked to apparently the nurse fill in. Alright, cool I figured I would hear something soon. Well, Monday I started calling and could not get through til Wednesday once again, and was told that my PCM wouldn’t be back til Friday. Okay, its the holidays I can wait a little longer.

Well, there goes Friday… Then Monday again… Oops Wednesday….  WTF Friday…Now we are on the following Monday which is today. I called the appointment line all day so that I could get through to find out what was going on. I couldn’t get through again a shocking surprise. Well, I got a friend of mine that goes to a different PCM in the same clinic to give me his nurses direct contact number since I knew he had it.

His nurse reached mine and had her call me. I found out the nurse I thought was my PCM’s nurse was just filling in. There was no record at all of me even talking to anyone about HRT on my file whatsoever. So she had to track down the nurse I was talking with to find out what was going on. So when she called me back, she basically told me that the policy stated that I needed to be seen by my psychologist for a minimum of 3 months.

Beyond the fact of me knowing that is dead wrong. I have been to 10 appointments with my psychologist, so Wednesday makes 11 and next week makes 12 oh look 3 months… but she told me to call back in February and try again. I was so fucking vivid and still am. My best friend sees a PCM at the same clinic with the same policy so unless his PCM just decided to say fuck the system and do whatever they wanted which I doubt it. I’m going to assume that my PCM is transphobic and doesn’t want me to transition.

She helped me a lot when I needed to get a breast reduction. She knew that I was trans the entire time. She knew that I wanted to eventually get top surgery and to start HRT. I just don’t understand if she thought that maybe once I got my surgery that I would just be content? Maybe it was just a phase? Fuck if I know, but I am so done. I’m not going to wait until February.

I am currently filling out paperwork to just pay out of pocket for the Dr. of my choosing. It will cost me 100.00 to start and everything else will be covered by Tricare. I don’t really care to do that since Tricare should cover everything, but I’m tired of jumping through hoops only to get covered in red tape and told just wait a little longer.

I know that I should fight them because someone else might be going through the same thing but honestly, I don’t know that it would even help. I’m going to have my husband file some form of a complaint. I guess I will probably also be changing over my PCM because I will not have a doctor that is not supportive of me. Especially one that has done everything possible to halt my journey.


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