I want to share my transition

Within the next couple months, I will begin hormone replacement therapy (HRT), and I have decided that I want to share my journey with the community. I have been doing a lot of research, and that in and of itself was an adventure. I found that the information was not as readily obtainable as you would think it should be in the digital world that we live within.

Within the transgender community, there is also a great divide that should not be there. Though, exist it does, and it’s between those that pass and those that don’t pass enough. Then within those two divides, there are those that prefer to be as natural as possible and those that prefer surgeries, therefore, creating another gap within the community. Usually, the ones that prefer operations feel that is the “only acceptable.” way to be considered “truly transgender.” I have found that those that prefer to be as natural as possible tend to flex what transgender means.

Of course as someone that is newly trans and just beginning my transition, this is all extremely toxic and not helpful at all. I don’t need to be told that because I’m pre-t that I’m not trans or even trans enough. All that does it push people that aren’t as strong as me away, and this is not a time that we should be isolating each other.

This is why I have made the decision to be completely open and honest about my transition.


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