Hot as fuck

Trigger warning: Contains vulgar aggressive language.
I do not usually throw shade on people, though at this point I just need to vent. I feel like I am being walked on and completely taken advantage of by two people that I consider family, and thought they felt that way in return. Though, it seems that once again my kind heart has gotten me into a sticky situation. 

My friends whom live with us have been barely helping pay the bills at all. There is almost no food in the house. My husband was required to basically work a full time second job now driving uber for over 7 hours today to make sure we had literally just enough money to cover our car insurnace. 

Well we made an arrangement with one of them that they could use the car on Fridays to get to work under the condition that the car stays clean and he brings it back with a full tank of gas. Considering how far away his work is and that my car is a prius really is not asking much. It only takes 16/17 dollars to fill my car from empty though apparently that’s too hard considering the last 3/4 Fridays in a row it has come back with maybe a half tank at best. 
So today once again Friday rolls around and he comes back with once again only a half tank of gas. So my husband confronts him on this since he has to go uber. He says oh I’ll just have my partner gives you a little extra money. Though, when I next see this partner not only has he not been informed he gets a freaking tude with me.

He goes on to say he has no money and can’t afford it… he couldn’t afford 8/9 dollars to fill up my car, but he can go out to the most expensive movie theater in town and get dinner tomorrow for his birthday… I get that he wants to have fun but I’m sorry your bills and responsibilities freaking come first.

I have gone without not only on my birthday but mother fucking Yule, because I couldn’t afford it. I had some form of bills that needed to be paid or I needed groceries in the house…

But…No…I get rude when he is behind by around a grand with me. When we have no damn food in the house… but he can go mother fucking party. That’s just fucking wonderful must be fucking nice to live off someone else and not adult. 

Oh and get this I fucking baked him a birthday cake and I didn’t even get so much as a fucking God damn thank you… No this shit is done. I am tired of being walked on. They can’t even keep their freaking space free from looking and smelling like a toxic waste dump. They can’t pay their bills on time. I’m constantly doing then favors… but I get nothing in return. Myself, my house, my mattress, and my car are being completely disrespected. 


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