Over it

 Recently, I sent Gruff… now known as M this message.

I feel like I should apologize for this message in advance because I know how it is going to come off. Though, I have decided that I’m not going to. I feel that I am justified in how I feel, and therefore I won’t apologize. I feel like I am constantly going out of a limb for you, and that you are always taking it for granted. I was prepared today to hand you that 100.00 for a new tire so that you and Phares didn’t need to worry about how to get to work. Even though it would have put Nick and me even worse off than we already are, but that is the kind of person that I am.

I understand that you aren’t at 100%, but I do not ask for a whole lot. I asked you to gather up the trash and take it outside. I also told you to take some of the recycling out as well to toss some since they haven’t been collecting it. You emptied out the trash can in my bathroom throwing it back upside on the floor and didn’t even bother to pick up anything around it. You didn’t empty the trash at all from the hall bathroom, and I doubt you emptied your trash from your bathroom let alone your room either. You placed the trash can in the wrong location and facing the wrong direction as well. So basically in a nutshell you completely half-assed the only chore that I gave you.

I should not feel like I should not have even taken the time to ask you at all. I do so much as it is and it gets completely taken for granted. I cooked dinner basically alone you barely helped at all, and no one even tried to help clean up. It is all still sitting on the stove. So once again I am left with even more to do. I’m slowly getting to the point I don’t even want to be friends if this is how I will always be treated. I am not your parent, the maid, the cook, or the hired help. I am paid nothing to keep up this house.

Nick asked that the cups from your room be brought down, and we have both repeatedly have asked for the fitted sheet to stay on the mattress. I haven’t been upstairs to check and see if you have put the fitted sheet back on the bed. Though, the sad thing is I know that there is a high likely hood that it is not. You asked me before why I always question if you’re lying. The simple reason is that you don’t follow your word, therefore, making them empty.

You and Phares have both asked for Tyler to come over Thursday, and my sole condition was that the house gets cleaned. I shouldn’t have to sit here and wonder if I’m going to have to say no. I shouldn’t have to wonder if I’m going to have to be mean, or if I should just do it myself so that it makes yall happy. I shouldn’t have to worry that Phares is going to try to kill himself to do it alone tomorrow night when he gets home from work. None of these thoughts are fair to me at all. None of these feelings are even healthy by anyone’s standards.

I am tired of being treated this way, and I will not tolerate it any longer.

Sadly it seems that this message has fallen upon deaf ears. There has been no change at all. I have even gone out of my way to make sure that he has his medication that he couldn’t afford.


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