Name Change 

For the last year, I have been seriously considering changing my name, though at first, I didn’t even know what to change it to so I set out to look for names that fit me, and in my journey, I found many that didn’t fit even more than my own.

My first thought was to ask my Dad what name they would have named me if I had been born a boy. Of course, he didn’t have an answer for but. Though, when I asked him how he would feel if I ever changed my name, he said that he didn’t pick it, to start with. So I felt like that was his version of being okay with it even though if he knew who I was he wouldn’t accept me.

The next thing I questioned was who was my true self. What name would fit my true self? Not the me that tried so hard to be a girl, to fit in, to be good, and has continued to try not to arouse suspicion that I wasn’t who the mask displayed in fear of rejection. The person that was hidden within me. The person that cry’s to be accepted and rejoiced. The person that just wants to make friends.

So the next stop on my path was to talk to my partners and ask them what name they could see me with my husband decided to take up the mantle and begin the hunt with me. Before he could find one I found one, but I kept it to myself originally.

When I started my hunt, I decided that I wanted something that would keep my nickname Rae. Then, he told me one that he thought fit. The name was Raijin, the thunder god. His chose made me smile because the name I chose was Raidyn which is a variation of the same name. So without even having any context to go with he ended up choosing the same name that I did. I felt that was a good sign.

So with that in mind, I have decided to adopt the name Raidyn as my own. I decided to go with that spelling not only because of the uniqueness of it but because I felt that it would be easier to pronounce for those that don’t already know it.

It is pronounced Ray-den


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