The dance of time

The past week or so is kind of a blur to me. Everything has been changing and happening so quickly that there are times that I am only unsure of what is going on. I have been under slightly more stress than I typically like but know that I am strong and can shoulder it.

The mass majority of my time is spent taking care of puppies as well as cleaning up the house. With that being said our wash machine has been slowly but surely dying over the last month or so. Within the last couple days or so though it decided to kick the bucket finally. The washer dying forced my mate and me to scramble to decide what was the best decision for our house. We considered simply going to the laundry mat, but after spending almost 80.00 yesterday that was quickly confirmed to be much too expensive. We could rent a washer and dryer until we could afford to purchase another was another option, but we quickly decided this would be a waste of money. So we unlimited decided we were going to rent to own a new washer and dryer that had the potential to be stackable. I wanted to the potential to have a stackable feature because eventually, I would like to remodel our mud room to be more space friendly. I would like to be able to wash, dry, fold, and hang clothes all in one place with the added benefit of a more efficient organizational space.

The rest of my time is spent trying to learn better communication and discussion skills to become a better Alpha for my pack. I have found that we all lack basic communication skills to some degree or another, and this was just unacceptable to me. I believe though in leading by example so I have decided to hone my skills so that in turn the others will also learn.

I have decided to add further onto my load and start taking classes online again. Originally I was going to school to for Early childhood education, but I have decided that I would like to pursue a path in psychology instead. I also am a licensed massage therapist though my license has currently lapsed, and I need to pay to reinstate it. I have always enjoyed learning and have always been a very mentally minded person. So with my husband having PTSD and both of my submissives and pack mates also suffering from mental illnesses I decided this path would be the best for me.

For me to say that we are tight on funds in a gross understatement though I do feel a lot of the problem falls onto poor money management skills, which I am also taking the time to hone. I feel that once we get an idea of what we need to pay and when that I will be able to pull us out of this hole that we have created.


2 thoughts on “The dance of time

  1. I really applaud you taking control of these things and realizing that you are lacking in communication. Lately I feel like Daddy is unapproachable due to his own stressors and it leaves me hanging with no way to state my wants me feelings because the idea of communicating terrifies me and triggers my anxiety. All bottoms need an open form of communication somewhere. Sounds like y’all are on the right track to figuring it out.


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