I’m slightly fighting an uphill battle after a crushing emotional break down the other day. It was started as a full blown panic attack that ended up spiraling into the darkness. At one point it got so bad my husband was considering taking me to the hospital, because he simply didn’t know what to do. 

Right now I just feel detached I guess. Hoping that someone will help anchor me down and help coax me back. Until then I’ll keep floating about until I decided that I want to come back. 

I have had a lot on my plate recently, and it’s not really getting better. The puppies have been a huge contributing factor, but there is so much more to it as well. I did allow two puppies to go to their furever home two weeks early yesterday, and I am hoping that helps at least a little.

Couple Other Factors;

  • I basically had a bestfriend let alone girlfriend break up with me as well as abandon me in the worst imaginable way. 
  • I also have a girl showing me immense interest that has my head spinning. 
  • Puppies! I mentioned puppies right? There were 10 now there are 8. 
  • So basically picture ten 1 year Olds minus diapers and with sharper teeth.
  • Period = Bleeding, cramps, emotional coaster, and add a dash of dash extreme dsyphoria.
  • Mine and Gruff’s 3 months is quickly approaching, and with it a decision that I can not take lightly.
  • Add in almost zero adult time for myself.
  • Never seeing Gruff considering when he’s home he’s a sleep, or he’s at work.
  • Endless cleaning
  • Extreme physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion and burn out.
  • Crippling  depression & anxiety

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