Today I have poltics on my mind. I’m a heavy Bernie supporter and have been since before he even had a handful of followers. I’m not a millennial that hopped on the band waggon in the last couple months. So I’m devastate by his endorsement of Hillary.Something isn’t sitting well with me in all this. The FBI makes their decision.  People are pissed.  Superdelegates move to Sanders.  That followed by a few days of racial killings, ending in what seemed like a professional type hit (rampage) on the cops and of course, perp is killed, can’t question him.  Then suddenly Sanders does a 180 to endorsing Clinton?  He said he would NOT endorse before convention.  He is taking it all the way to convention.  We were gaining momentum.  Sanders doesn’t go back on his word.

Something is awfully fishy, and I wish they would simply tell us. Instead of hiding the truth from us. For the first time in this election I’m now undecided. I trust Bernie… but I hate Hillary and vowed I would never vote for her… 


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