Recently, someone I thought was my best friend and girlfriend moved out of our home in a very hasty manner. In the process she left the upstairs in shambles, and her cat peed on massive amounts of laundry. So without even getting onto the topic of how this has emotionally effected me for the last 3 days now I have been busting my ass trying so hard to get the upstairs clean for my submissive and his girlfriend as well as the rest of the house. This has turned into what I feel like is an uphill battle that I am losing. I want everyone in the house to help me, and even though I have started to gain some help the amount is still so little. I was really counting on Gruff to help me the most today, but he hasn’t even woken up yet. His submissive has tried at least twice to wake him to no avail, and though I’m sure I could wake him I don’t want to. I’m not here to micromanage and be a parent. We are all adults here, but yet with him and the rest I just feel like I’m constantly making sure everyone is doing what they are suppose to.

I guess I’m just getting burnt out… I had my surgery at the end of April, and at first I actually had a lot of help. Now though I’m starting to really get to the point where I can take care of the house and Nick again, but I spend so much time taking care of the them that I was hoping just once that I wouldn’t have to take care of yet another person. I guess that I was wrong again…


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