So… lets start this at the beginning when my girlfriend/bestie moved in she really wanted Logan her boy dog and Jules mine and my boyfriends dog to mate in order to have puppies. We talked about it a decent amount, and decided to go ahead and just let them go for it.

Well… now we have 2 week old puppies, and I think that I am in completely over my head by like a lot. I should have done shit tons of research “before” the puppies were born…no before we even let her get pregnant, but I can’t really cry over spilled milk. Now I have my hands filled with 10 yes 10 puppies.

So in case you were unaware new born and a couple week old puppies are a lot of work. Work? yes work there is apparently a lot of it to go around. I was naive in thinking that the mother did everything until they needed to be weened and potty trained.  The first and foremost you have to take care of the mother. You need to make sure she is healthy getting plenty of food and water. She can’t be too hot.

If all of the above conditions are not met 24/7 she will not lay down and fed the pups that need to be fed every 2 hours, and since there are 10 there is almost always someone hungry… the runt of the litter is under half the size of the next smallest pup so I constantly have to make sure she is getting enough food.

Did you know that they sound like new born crying babies for the first week or so? So guess what I did every single time they made so much as a pip? I barely slept at all I can tell you that.



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