The Sunset Rule


It is very uncommon for me to let any kind of argument or issue not to be resolved before bed. This is typically considered the sunset rule in many healthy relationships. It doesn’t mean the matter needs to be resolved before sunset just before bed. There is a two fold reason for this. First, off you really should never let anything fester that could potential plant seeds of negativity within your relationship. Second, having generalized anxiety disorder it is almost impossible for me to sleep with that kind of negativity on my mind. I will simply analyze it to death usually wondering what I did wrong and or what I can do to fix it.  Even though in most cases it isn’t even something that I can control at all, but that is simply how my brain works.

So with that being said when I am in a close personal relationship with someone that knows that I am upset does little to try to resolve the issues upsets me. It also deeply concerns me with where our relationship is heading. To be clear though I don’t want to try to talk to someone at the point where I know they are in bed. For me at that point I feel that it would be bothersome to them to bring it up. I personally would hate to be just about a sleep to now have to wake up and converse on an in depth level.


4 thoughts on “The Sunset Rule

  1. I agree it can be a stressful thing. Some people do not realize that the issue lies with them often times with me for example. I can be very absent minded. I realize people are upset with me until it’s too late.


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