Even though I tend to be the kind of person that wears my heart on my sleeve doesn’t mean that I don’t have an extremely complex emotional thought process. My journey in life has never really been an easy road to  follow. Let alone all the times I have been lead astray by something I thought was beautiful or unique only to find it covered or filled with brier and thorns. It is because of this I have a very interesting out look now. I still see the beauty surrounding me, but now I take a closer look being much more suspicious.

This makes my unique ability of empathy much stronger. There are many that can manipulate their emotions and intentions, but they can only keep up this illusion for a brief period of time. In the beginning I could only “sense” emotions that were being broadcast. There was even a point in time I couldn’t explain why I felt all of these emotions. All that I knew was simply that they weren’t my own. I have now grown to the point I can “read” a persons emotions and intentions as well as glance deeper to see any hidden emotions or intentions.


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