It’s the little things that matter the most in a relationship. They are the glue that holds a relationship together, and without them a relationship would simply never stick. It could be anything from a second longing glance to a pleasant compliment that you never really notice. They are always subtly there until they simply are not, and that is when you notice them the most. As a relationship grows these little things will grow and change with it. For example things that used to mean a lot to you may not anymore, and something that didn’t mean anything to you may now mean the world. It’s when you grow and the little things have fallen away, but are not being replaced anymore begin to create cracks in the foundation.


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    1. I am not great at communication of my personal feelings, but when it comes to giving instructions I have great communication skills. You thought lack great listening skills. I feel that is, because you see our relationship as that of a vanilla relationship. That isn’t our dynamic though, and its apparently going to take you time to work on that.

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