Craving Silence

I never thought when I started my pack, and invited everyone into my home that the one thing I would crave above all else would be silence. I know now as an introvert that I should have expected this, but it simply slipped my mind. I truly miss the quiet days where I could sit back with a book for hours.

Now even if I have a moment it’s filled cleaning. The house hasn’t been fully cleaned in over a month. I haven’t had just quiet time in closer to two now, and it’s honestly starting to effect my mental health.

I even said some pretty mean thing to Gruff today. I don’t want him angry… I just want him to understand. Even though I speak nothing but truths communication is still hard for me.

This isn’t my first poly relationship, but it is the first with 5+ adults living in my home all at once. I feel closterfobic at times. I love them all, and I want them here… I just need time for me to recharge, and sleeping doesn’t count.


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