Last night and this morning I had to put down my foot in the house, and lay down the law. I absolutely still can not wrap my head around it what so ever, but my husband, his girlfriend, and her boyfriend decided to loose their fucking mind and do something highly illegal in a very public location last night.

I feel that his girlfriend was a big part of the reason he didn’t stop what happened, and that is a very big problem for me. If someone came to me and told me that he had done this… I would have never believed them. This was not my husband. This was not the man that I married. This is something he would never have done. Last, night they put our family at risk. If they were caught he would instantly lose his job, and he’d never be able to gain visitation of our daughters back.

She is suppose to be my girlfriend too, but right now I absolutely can not trust her. I feel that she is on a very self destructive path right now, and I absolutely want no part of it. Recently, she has been suicidal, and I should have reported it… I’m required by law to do so… but I didnt, and I feel like I should have.

I thought things would get better, but I found out the whole time she was gone that she didn’t take her medication at all. I feel like she did this as well as told me and my husband that she didnt to be manipulative and seek out attention in a very dangerous way. This is very much not okay.

It’s also not okay that he is willing to overlook her actions and kid glove her. Right now I feel she is hypocritical, self destructive, and manipulative.


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