Simple Blessings

Recently, I met an absolutely amazing Dominant man that I am proud to call my boyfriend. I am also deeply honored to be considering him for much more. He wishes to kneel at my feet, and one day wear my collar. I’m fairly uncertain what I did to deserve him, but if I figure it out I will do it every single day. He has been a complete blessing to not only me, but my household/pack.

Since, my surgery he has been taking me to my Dr. appointments. He changes my bandages, and baths me. There is nothing he has been unwilling to do, and even gone so far as to help me use the restroom. For me he has become a safe haven during all of this, and keeps me grounded. My triggers don’t bother him, and he has learned them so well he can even now help me avoid a panic or anxiety attack. No one else has that ability, and it completely stuns an amazes me.

Within my family/pack and with me he simply clicks. He picks up where my husband can not due to his PTSD. I never thought I would find someone that so fluidly and easily just fit with us, but he truly does. He has helped me stay calm and happy, and for that he has my eternal thanks.


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