Simply can not win for losing

I usually always leave a light on when I am going to bed, because my partner tends to wait til the last possible moment to do his nightly routine before bed. I don’t really have an issue with this except my partner constantly bitches at me for leaving on whatever light I don’t turn off. I’ve explain to him I leave it on for him.

Well tonight before bed I proceeded to turn off all of the lights keeping in mind there are still Christmas lights lite up and strung throughout the house right now. Well he was upstairs adjusting the temperature, and proceed to bitch at me for turning off all of the lights…

I mention that he always grumps at me for leaving them on… and he proceeds to scold me and tell me the difference. At this point I simply tune him out.

Apparently I can’t win for losing so I guess I will just continue to leave the light on and get grumped at….


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