Datebox let down

So last month I found a code that allowed me to try datebox for free after I paid the 5.00 for shipping. I thought this would be something really awesome to try. Since last month the datebox was for a cooking class. I thought that during this horribly financially tight month it would be nice to receive and be able to get out and do something for us.

This subscription box runs 35.00 a month, and has a 3 and 6 month option that let’s you get it for a little less money. Honestly, thought I was horrible let down…. I was really expecting to get out and do some couples class.

The box received though didn’t have anything like that. It contained two coffee mugs, a pack of hot coco mix, and a gingerbread house kit… It’s came with instructions to post a picture of your gingerbread house creation to instagram to possibly win a dream vacation and car.

For 35.00 a month I was expecting a lot more then a couple cheap mugs and a gingerbread house kit that I can enter to maybe win a dream vacation.

So it’s safe to say I will not be continuing my subscription.


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