In an effort to keep balance when I post something frustrating I am going to counter with a post that is positive.

Our Daughters

Lena : age 5 3 / 4 

She is a smart, sassy, diva, and drama queen to boot. She just started school this year, and knows all of her letters and shapes by heart now.

Emma: age 3 1/2

I see Emma as the little country princess gone town boy. She has a style all to her own, and is completely unapologetic. She can throw a temper tantrum to be feared if she doesn’t get her way.


Right now we only get to see them a couple hours on Tuesdays and Thursday til New Years. So that means we had them yesterday, but today is special since we are taking them to the lights tonight.

Last year me and Nick went to the lights and decided that we truly wished to make it a family tradition. So we are going to see all the lights, roast marshmallows, and to top it off we are going to pick out our very first family ordaments with all of our names on it.

I am very excited about tomorrow!



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