Job title


Caregiver; This is basically my job title now a days. It’s not even my only job title… I am also a step mother now, a licensed massage therapist,  and I recently started driving for uber. Some days my job is very exhausting, and others very rewarding. I have learned to take the punches and just roll with them so to speak.

My passion is massage therapy it’s what I went into debt to become after all, but I haven’t been able to water this passion recently. I have my own dying massage business you see… our a/c decided this past summer that it’s going to slowly die. So while driving our electric bill through the roof while trying to keep our home where my massage studio is located the upstairs doesn’t cool down enough to take on clients.

So I started driving uber with the hopes that I could make enough money to fix the a/c, but that is proving to be futile.  Where we live I would need to drive for hours a day to make enough money to even make a dent in the savings we would need to replace our a/c. I guess your wondering well why don’t you drive hours a day or get a better job?

Well… you see it’s not that simply. My husband suffers from PTSD and I learned pretty quickly it’s very difficult for him when I am not here. I also feel guilty when I leave him alone. I’m always worried that he will see something and it will trigger him, and that he will be stuck for hours on end in an flash. For those that don’t quite know that that means he would basically be sitting in hell til either I got home, or he managed to pull himself out.


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